And the Sewing Machine Went Down the Stairs

My husband, God bless his soul, offered to bring the sewing machine up for me on Saturday. I had this great inspiration to sew a custom bag for my church choir music. (Let me just add that I am in no way a sewing expert. I sew only straight lines for curtains and every once in a while I might sew a choir music bag.) Anyway, Mark was bringing up the sewing machine in its case out of the basement when, once he reached the top of the stairs, the bottom of the case dropped off and I heard the thud of my Husqvarna Viking sewing machine hit the top stair… then the next one…and the next one…. all the way down to the bottom. As my husband watched the sewing machine bounce down the stairs the only thing to escape his lips was, “That was not good.” Amazing enough, the sewing machine survived. Sure, the case was a little crooked and had to be pushed back together, but it sewed my choir bag 15 minutes later with no problem! I don’t have one of those fancy computer machines (and it’s probably a good thing), but I would buy another Husqrvana Viking any day. I can hear the commercial now: I love my Husqvarna Viking sewing machine. It’s so well built that when my husband accidently dropped it down a flight of stairs and 15 minutes later (once we readjusted the shell) I started my new sewing project! (Actual customer testimony.)

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