My Little Pony Needs a Shave

My youngest daughter has always sucked her thumb…A LOT. Last year Mark and I told her that if she stopped sucking her thumb for 30 days, she could have a cat. Well, I don’t think she had even made it 30 minutes until last week. Micah, my little 3 year old, help me out with a toddler style intervention. Now Christina has been thumb free for 10 days. She already knows what kind of cat she wants. Warning, don’t try this at home!
Christina and Micah were playing quietly. (This was my first clue. Remember the poop story?) Apparently My Little Pony was looking a little scruffy and the kids decided to give her a shave. They lathered the pony in shaving cream and proceeded to start shaving. Somehow during the shave, Micah scraped Christina’s thumb with one of Mark’s razors. I was getting a ton of business paperwork done when all of the sudden Christina runs into my office yelling, “I’m bleeding! I’m bleeding!” I look at her and she was not kidding. There was blood everywhere! I jumped up and grabbed a towel out of the laundry room to stop the bleeding (which didn’t stop for long).
I calmed her down and asked what happened. “Micah cut me! Micah did it!” It was at this point that it dawned on me that it was her sucking thumb that was cut. I tried not to be happy, but I realized that this could definitely work out to my advantage. I verified my discovery, “Is that your sucking thumb?” Devastated, she started to nod her head. Way to go Micah!

I then proceeded to make a huge deal out of the thumb. I disinfected it, all the time trying to think of the best way to make sure that she can’t possibly suck it. I first looked at it, shaking my head as much as possible. I told her, “Now, you know that you can’t suck this thumb or we’ll have to go to the hospital. If it gets infected, you’re going to need a shot.” Her eyes grew big. Then, I put a ton of Neosporin on the thumb. I told her, “You absolutely CANNOT suck this thumb. This stuff will make you really sick and we’ll have to take you to the hospital for that, too.” She looked at her thumb and her eyes grew even bigger. Then, I put a band-aid around the thumb, and over the top of the thumb. It still looked vaguely suckable, so I dug in the garage for painters’ masking tape and started wrapping the thumb with large amounts of blue tape. I swear it was twice as thick. I’m surprised that she didn’t have to hold it up with her other hand. I ended the ordeal with a reminder. Christina just sat there, staring at her thumb in horror. I wondered if I went too far…NAH!

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