My son Micah loves milk. A LOT. He loves milk so much that when he was 1 year old Mark nicknamed him Mikey Moo Cow. We’ve been changing it to Mikey Moose (Mark says that Moose is much better name when he’s older). However, his love of milk remains unchanged.

Micah has a morning routine. He wakes up and immediately comes and jumps in our bed. He bugs us while yelling, “POTTY!” the whole time until we walk with him to the bathroom. Why in the world he can’t go to the bathroom by himself no one knows….. After he goes to the bathroom, he likes to drink a sippy cup half full of milk. (It HAS to be a sippy cup or he melts down—there are a lot of rules that we have to follow in the morning.) Then he eats a bowl of oatmeal. Deviate from the plan, and we’re in a world of hurt.

We ran out of milk on Saturday and on Sunday morning we had failed to replenish the milk supply. Micah walked in in a worse mood than usual and after he had relieved himself in the bathroom, he was ready for the next step: milk. Mark and I knew we were in for it. Micah is NOT a morning person at all. I already feel sorry for his future wife. I hope she will be a very patient woman. We tried to break the news to him gently, “Micah, we have no milk. We ran out yesterday.” The drama begins.

Micah begins screaming angrily, “I want nilk! I want nilk!” Mark and I tried to quiet him so he woudn’t wake up everyone, but he entered into an angry funk. “Nilk! Nilk!” Finally, he stomps out of the bedroom and we heard him stomp down the stairs. We had no idea what he was up to. Suddenly, we hear the most gut wrenching, grevious scream/wail. Mark likens it to the time on Star Wars when Luke finds out Darth Vader is his father. Micah had apparently checked the refrigerator himself. “No NIIIIIILK!!!!!” Both of us broke out in laughter.

Micah was in the pit of dispair. We hear deep sobs and crying, “Where’d nilk GO! Where’d nilk GO!” Then a few moments later, “Whey are you nilk? Whey are you? AHHHHH!!!” If only life were so simple that not having milk was the worst thing in the world. We ended his time of sorrow by buying milk on our way home from church. Micah won the drama award for the week!

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