Flashback: Desitin & Toothpaste


Christina's Art Project

Today my friend Becky was trying to find out how to get toothpaste out of carpet. That conversation brought not so fond memories of toothpaste and Desitin. Neither substance is fun to get out of carpet!

When Micah was about 1 and Christina was about 3 1/2, Christina decided that she wanted to discover her inner artist. Whenever I do something crazy like trying to take a 5 minute shower, one of my kids always gets a new creative idea. After I got mostly dressed I walked in to find the scene above. Destin is NOT fun to get out of carpet. However, poison control wasn’t too worried that my son ingested some.
Toothpaste is the other substance I’m not too fond of. There is carpet in front of the sink in my kids’ bathroom. Why? I have no idea. Every time I go to clean the bathroom mirror, there is toothpaste at the top of the mirror. How in the world do people that are 3-4 feet tall get toothpaste on the top of the mirror? I can’t even reach the top of the mirror without straining. I’ve given up trying to get toothpaste out of the carpet. It’s a losing battle. I just changed my color scheme to match the toothpaste…

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