I Stand Corrected

I was incorrect in my last post. Mark read my blog and rightly accused me of not listening to his story. SO, Tabitha and Shabitha (not Sabitha) did not, in fact, have rainbow socks. Their story was lame, so Mark had started a new story about the magical socks. The jist of it is this: The rainbow socks went to a few different houses by mail until it landed at a boy’s house. The boy made the rainbow socks stinky and dirty and then the boy tossed them away. Then a poor girl, who had hardly anything to her name, found the socks. Anyone else would have thrown them away, but the little girl didn’t have much and so she washed them and took care of them. When she wore the socks (this is where it gets good), apparently they made her into a professional basketball player for the WNBA and she was never poor again. They were better than a pair of Nikes. LOL! I must apologize to Mark for not getting it right the first time. 🙂

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