Mom vs. the Wii

I regret asking for a Wii for Christmas. There, I admitted it. Or more accurately, I regret letting my kids know that we got a Wii. I’m really okay with having it around for me and Mark to enjoy.

Let me explain… On Saturday it was BEAUTIFUL outside. The temperature had to be near 70 degrees. Before the Wii, my kids would beg to go outside and play. They would love to explore the yards and play with their friends. Not anymore.

Saturday morning my kids begged all morning to play the Wii. I kept telling them no, but they were persistent. I don’t know how many times I told them to get dressed and go outside, but they had one thing on the brain–the Wii.

Finally, I got their clothes and got them dressed (Elena was gone–I learned later that she was playing the Wii at someone else’s house). Finally, I literally opened the door, picked up Micah and Christina, placed them on the porch, and then closed the door. I peered through the door hole and saw them stare at the door for a few moments and then slowly walk towards the other kids.

What have I done to my children! Last year at this time we had no video games and a 19″ TV with a weird spot in the corner. My kids had no problem playing imaginative games and LOVED to play outside. Now they think that they have to be entertained all of the time. Right after Christmas I let them have fun playing on the Wii for half the day, but now even with the 2 hour TV limit reinstated, they still don’t seem as excited about free playing as they used to. Now they act like going outside to play is some kind of punishment. After about 20 minutes they seem to remember how have fun, but getting them outside is painful for both of us.

I think I’ll invest more time reminding my kids how they used to have fun just 2 1/2 months ago. Maybe I’ll hide the Wii in my bedroom so Mark and I can play, but the kids won’t know about it. We can play Super Mario Brothers while they rest up for their next fun day of running around outside.

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