When I Was Your Age Pluto Was a Planet

Last night Elena was telling me and Mark about the 53 caterpillars that the second graders have at her school. She told us that about half of them are hanging out in their chrysalides (I just found out that is the plural for chrysalis). After she told us about the caterpillars, Mark was quiet for a moment and then he said, “Do you even know what a cocoon is?”

I smiled. I was thinking the same thing as Elena was giving us her very scientific run down. She looked and him and explained, “A cocoon is very similar to a chrysalis, but caterpillars spin chrysalises.” (Okay, she didn’t get the plural exactly right, but it sounded official to us.)

Mark replied, “Back when we were kids, they were called cocoons.”

I absentmindedly added, “Yeah, and when we were your age Pluto was a planet.”

Elena looked shocked. “I thought that people thought Pluto was a planet a way long time ago. WOW.”

I had to chuckle. I just turned 32 on Sunday. I guess 32 is the new old.

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