The Baby Did It!

I am always amazed at how it is never anyone’s fault when something happens at my house. Today I was folding laundry in the basement when I heard Mark lecturing my children. I had to go upstairs to see what was going on.

When I got upstairs, Mark was giving Micah a hard time about scratching a bunch of lines into our nicest leather chair in the living room. As he is speaking, Christina was looking REALLY guilty. I was about to interrupt until I heard Micah replay, “I don’t do it–baby do it!”

Mark looked confused, “Did you say that the baby did it.” Isaiah, with his plump self, was watching the whole scene unfold. When Micah pointed him out, he looked as innocent as could be.

“There is no way that Isaiah put these scratches in the chair!” I had to laugh. Whenever I get upset with the kids, Elena is the first to say that she didn’t do something. Then, Christina always says that Micah must have done it. Now, Micah is blaming the baby. Who’s next? The cat? I guess she is the only one left for Isaiah to blame–once he is old enough to blame someone.

I promptly gave Christina up. Mark said that when I suggested that Christina, with her guilty face, did i–he realized that the scratches in the chair were a design that Micah could not yet make. She got in trouble, but I joking had to pick up Isaiah and tell him that there were rules in the house that we all have to follow, and he is not the exception, even if he is only 10 months old!

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