Tooth Fairy: Take Two

I have previously confessed to being the worst tooth fairy ever here. Well, I was ashamed to blog when my worst tooth fairy experience repeated itself. However, we are always trying to improve ourselves. Last night we had a much more positive tooth fairy experience.

Once the kids went down last night, Mark and I collapsed on the couch and started to watch the Biggest Loser. That’s when we heard the dreaded sound – little footsteps coming down the stairs. Usually, that sound means that we are about to be tortured by Micah for an hour as we try to get him back to bed. We were pleasantly surprised when it was Elena that came around the corner, but she did not look very happy.

When anything happens that might rock Elena’s world and it is after 7:00, we’re in for an emotional cry-fest. Her big brown eyes were brimming with tears – I was almost afraid to ask what the problem was. “I have to tell you something…” she began.

Elena then proceeded to delve into a long, overly detailed story about losing her tooth. I’ll just share the shortened version: Elena had some candy at church. It started off as a chewy candy, but then it started to crunch in the middle, and she thought is was strange, so she threw it away. Well, it turns out that the crunchy part of the candy was actually her lose tooth that fell out. She threw the tooth away with the candy. As she was laying in bed, she realized what had happened.

At this point in the story, with the way that she was telling the story, I was starting to worry that she really wanted us to go to church in the freezing cold and go from door to door, looking inside hoping that a janitor would let us in. I could already picture us with our winter jackets on, leaning on our cupped hands, looking inside for anyone to help. Instead of letting her come up with a solution, Mark interjected, “Why don’t you just write a note telling the tooth fairy what happened?”

If you recall our last tooth fairy blog, Elena has plenty of experience writing to the tooth fairy. She liked this idea and perked up as she went to find a piece of paper. Once she went to bed, Mark got thinking, “Why don’t we take one of the old teeth that we have upstairs and stick it under her pillow with the money and see what happens?” And that is exactly what we did. (You might wonder why we still have teeth laying around the house – when you do the tooth fairy thing at midnight you just throw the tooth on a high shelf and deal with it later.)

Mark went to go grab the note and place the substitute tooth and a gold dollar coin. He brings back a cute note that read:

Dear Tooth Fairy, I thought my tooth was a rock because I had candy and felt it. On axadent I threw it away. (I never claimed that she would win the national spelling bee. LOL)

This note was way better than the last note. The last time that I failed my tooth fairy duties was when Christina lost her first tooth (or at least the first tooth that she actually could find after it fell out.) I swear that note used the word “please” about 10 times….

The next morning Elena runs in the room. First, she said, “The tooth fairy came the first time!” (*ouch*) Then she said, “She found my old tooth. I guess she dug it out of the trash? Can I put it back under my pillow and get another dollar?”

Thus continues our tooth fairy adventures…

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