Poop Explosion

Why is it that all of my blogs begin with a post about poop?  I spent a lot of time today moving posts from my old blog to this one.  I was going to start my blog off right by writing about yet another trip to the ER.  That’s when Micah yelled, “MOM!  Change Isaiah’s diaper.  He’s SO stinky!”

Whatever.  Isaiah is the most regular child I have, so I didn’t think much about it. He’s always stinky.  After all, I was in the blogging zone.  I was getting my blog prepared for its new unveiling.  Then I smelled it.

I tried to ignore the smell for a while, but my eyes were starting to sting.  I could tell where he was by the strength of the smell.  I finally decided that I should take care of it before the house became the new Bog of Eternal Stench.  (Name the 80s movie that came from…)

I find Isaiah— and I swear his diaper exploded.  There is poop all around him.  It was so disgusting.  The only positive angle was that he did it on the Wii balance board, which is much easier to clean than the carpet.  It was on his clothes.  It was on his legs.  It was on the balance board.  It smelled horrible.

6 wipes and a new outfit later, I went to pick up his pants.  They were the same pants that his diaper exploded in last time.  It’s time to throw those ones in the trash–they’re cursed.

I guess going back to school isn’t going to keep me from cleaning up poop.  Welcome to my new blog.

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