The Dance of the Beds

We Friesens have  a ritual that we perform about once a week:  The Dance of the Beds.  Now, I try my best to not participate in this dance, but they usually drag me to the “dance floor.”  It goes something like this:

Isaiah wakes up for some reason.  He first turns on all the lights on in his room–then the hallway.    He wanders into our room and screams, “Daddy!” at the foot of our bed–at the top of his lungs.  (He doesn’t dare scream my name–I am quite grouchy when my sleep is interrupted.)   Mark staggers out of bed and fills his sippy cup with water, turns off all the lights, and carries him back to his room.  Mark comes back to our room and crawls back in bed.

About 1 out of 3 times, between Isaiah screaming and turning on the lights, Micah will wake up and immediately decide he needs to go to the bathroom.  This always happens after Isaiah is back in bed and we are asleep–this never happens at the same time as Isaiah is awake.  Micah wanders in a sleepy daze until he runs into a toilet–any toilet.  He sits on the toilet, goes to the bathroom, then passes out in front of the toilet with his underwear and pajamas wrapped around his ankles.

At this time, Christina has a nightmare.  It is usually related to being screamed at in the middle of the night.  (Thanks, Isaiah…)  She climbs in bed with me and Mark.  Thankfully, she doesn’t wake us up.

A couple of hours later Micah gets cold.  His underwear and pajamas are still wrapped around his ankles and he is laying in the bathroom.  At this time, he hikes up his pants and decides that he needs to get warm.  At this time, he jumps in our bed, too.

I can’t sleep with 4 people in the bed, so I sleepwalk to my favorite lazy boy, pull up a blanket, and go back to sleep.

Micah is a crazy sleeper.  The only one who can take his abuse is Christina.  Mark gets sick of being kicked in the head, so he moves to either Christina’s bed or Micah’s bed.  (Usually it is Christina’s bed so he doesn’t disturb Isaiah.  Elena can sleep through ANYTHING.)

So let’s see:  Micah and Christina end up in our bed. Mark is in Christina’s bed.  I am in the lazy boy.  The only ones in their own beds are Isaiah and Elena.  Last night we decided to shake it up a little.  Isaiah ended up in our bed, so I moved to the lazy boy.  Micah stumbled through the room, and I found him with his pants around his ankles in the middle of the floor.  I moved him to his bed, then ended up in Isaiah’s bed.

I’m glad this only happens once a week–I’m exhausted.  However, I did realize that Isaiah’s bed is way more comfortable than my bed, so I’ll make sure I end up there the next time we dance.  I can’t wait until our kids are older and we can just lock them out of our room…

4 thoughts on “The Dance of the Beds

  1. Ok, I got to Micah passing out in front of the toilet and had to stop reading from laughing too hard. We do some dancing, too, but nothing on this scale. While we can’t lock the kids out of our room (our door is warped and doesn’t shut) we do lock them into theirs quite often.

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