Character Enhancement

I believe that God gave me my little Christina to build character.  With Elena everything is easy.  I thought I was an expert on dealing with children.  With Christina I always have to find a new angle to parenting. And I feel as if I am building virtues such as patience and humility on a daily basis.

I’ve been busy with school.  Every day I ask the girls what they need to accomplish for school.  Elena gives me a run down of her homework.  Christina hasn’t had homework in the past week and a half.  I didn’t think much of Christina’s lack of homework.  She finds the math this year very easy, and she’s been finishing it in class.  So, imagine my shock when I log into Teacher Ease, the system that tracks their assignments and see an F in spelling and a borderline D+ in vocabulary.

I was schedule to help at school yesterday, so I stopped by her teacher’s office.  I thought maybe this was linked to her being in reading intervention last year.  Apparently not.  She is reading fine.  Her teacher tells me that she is not paying attention in class and is in her own world when they do group functions. She has some of the same issues I do with getting her to pay attention.

Now, I am pretty sure that the attention deficit issue is related to sleep.  Last year, when I started putting Christina to bed earlier (around 7:30), her reading issues disappeared overnight.  This year getting her to bed earlier is almost painful.  I swear that she sticks toothpicks in her eyes to stay awake.  I mean, I put her in a dark room–what else can I do?  She sings to her self, hangs upside down from her bed, plays with the cat–in the dark.  I can’t sit on her and hold her eyes closed.  Well, I guess I could, but that would be most pleasant for both of us.

Mark and I are brainstorming ideas on how to work with Christina.  We told her that if she didn’t improve quickly, she’d be doing 2nd grade again.  Mark asked her, “Do you want to spend all day with those little 1st graders next year?”  At least that got her to go to sleep at 7:45 last night.

The picture is not completely dreary.  She has a 96% in math.  She doesn’t particularly love math–she just finds it easy. Maybe she can find a job that combines puppies and math. Anyone have any ideas? Please let us know!


2 thoughts on “Character Enhancement

    • I just read an article about melatonin. I never knew you could take melatonin – I just thought the body produced it. That’s a better option than any thing I could think to give her. 😉

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