Drinking Fountain Adventures

Isaiah loves water.  A LOT.  I wish he didn’t have such an affinity for it.  He is always turning on the hose in the back yard and watering the sandbox.  I can imagine my next water bill.  It will be super high and my grass will still be dead.

At church a couple of Sundays ago, Mark and I picked up all four kids from their respective classrooms.  That is an adventure on its own.  We were about to leave when Isaiah took off running down the hallway.  Now, I run after him all week, so I let Mark take that responsibility on the weekends.  He went chasing after him.  The rest of this story is as told to me by Mark.

Isaiah, being 2 feet something tall can’t reach anything.  He’s never let that stop him, though.  That day he decided that he was thirsty, so he ran to the water fountain.  Apparently, he got to the water fountain and he was too short to reach it, so he took a survey of the hallway and found a trash can.  A FULL trash can.  A trash can upside down is also a perfect step stool.  He dumped the trash can, spewing all of its contents all over the church hallway.  Then he pushed it upside down and crawled on top to drink from the water fountain.

Enter Mark.  He walks around the corner and sees a trail of trash that leads to the water fountain.  He begins to pick up the mess.  He takes Isaiah off the trash can and starts picking up the trash.

When he pulls Isaiah down from the fountain, he notices that Isaiah is covered with water.  Half of the water didn’t make it into his mouth: it rolled down his chubby little chin, down the front of his shirt, down onto the trash can, onto the floor, pooling onto the little patch of tile under the water fountain.  Mind you, the patch of tile is not that big; however, as Mark is cleaning up the trash, Isaiah manages to slip on one of the 4 tiles and his his head on the floor.  Now, Mark has half of the trash in the trash can and a screaming kid.

I was waiting down the hallway wondering what was taking so long.  I mean, it really took a LONG time for him to bring Isaiah back.  After he calmed Isaiah down and finished picking up the mess, Mark comes down the hallway looking like he had just emerged from a battle.  I asked him what took so long.  He told me, “You’re not going to believe it. Let’s just get the kids in the car.”  Now I understand why he was in a hurry to get in the car: if Isaiah is buckled–contained– there is less of a chance of something else going wrong.  My life is so exciting…

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