Coffee Addiction

Coffee and I have a complicated relationship.  Let me explain…

Coffee is not my drink of choice.  In fact, I really don’t like it that much at all.  That’s why I have to drink it loaded with spices and sweetener.  Coffee is just a tool.  A tool that punishes you when you stop using it.

I don’t drink coffee when I’m not in school.  When I’m not in school, sleep is my drug of choice.  My mind is clear when I get a solid night of sleep.  When I’m in school; however, sleep is a luxury that I can’t always afford.  That’s when I turn to coffee.

I start each semester as a coffee “virgin.”  I don’t drink coffee for the first few weeks.  My skin stays clear, and I feel pretty good.

Then, midterms come.  I have to stay up later to finish my school work, so I start drinking a little bit of coffee in the morning to make it through the day.  Because I don’t drink coffee much, a small cup does wonders for my alertness.

Then, I get busier.  The busier life gets, the more coffee I drink.  I drink that bitter drink more and more until my coffee usage peaks during finals week.  My skin is increasingly less radiant.  Then, the day after finals I stop.  I just don’t need it anymore.  That would work great–if it wasn’t for withdrawal symptoms.

power of coffee

Within two days, I wake up with a killer headache.  Every time it happens, I know what the source of my pain is.  Coffee is trying to keep a hold on me. I hate feeling like I have drink something to mitigate my pain.  My headache was so bad Sunday morning that even though I wanted to deal with the addiction, I had to down a half cup of mediocre coffee so I could function.  I was singing in two choir performances and playing flute in the worship orchestra.  Of course, drinking coffee eliminated my headache–much to my chagrin.

Now, I am sitting here knowing that I have to deal with the consequences of my actions.  I should not have to drink something that I don’t even like to function every day.  I have sympathy for cigarette smokers and drug addicts.  I can imagine how difficult it is for them to break an addiction to something much stronger than coffee

The worst part about coffee is that I know that I will be dealing with the exact same situation in May.  Curse you, coffee!

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