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Our Annual ER Visit

About every summer we make a trip to the ER.  I thought that we were going to make it without a trip this year; after all, school begins in 10 days.  I got my hopes up too quickly.  Last night we ventured that way again. I really think that the Lord sends us teaching moments.  […]
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Accident Prone

Yesterday wasn’t the only time this week that Mark saved one of our children. Last Sunday he was given the same opportunity. The worst sound that any parent can hear is the sound of their child shrieking in pain. Thanks to Micah, I’ve heard this sound two too many times. I don’t know if it […]
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My Little Pony Needs a Shave

My youngest daughter has always sucked her thumb…A LOT. Last year Mark and I told her that if she stopped sucking her thumb for 30 days, she could have a cat. Well, I don’t think she had even made it 30 minutes until last week. Micah, my little 3 year old, help me out with […]
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