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The four-year-old for the win!

I had big plans for Isaiah while he was home with me today. I pictured the two of us working together in my office.  I would work on my thesis; he would work on his preschool activity book.  Both of us would be making educational magic side-by-side.  The problem was, Isaiah wasn’t going for it. […]
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10,000 Diapers

Mark and I have been changing diapers for over 10 years.  We just spent our ride home from a date processing what that 10 years encompassed.  Mark calculated that if you took an average of 3 diapers a day and multiply that by 365 days a year you get roughly 1000 diapers a year.  Then, […]
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You Did WHAT In the Front Yard?

I am still relatively new on the raising boys scene. Today I realize that the difference is even bigger than I ever imagined… My son has been potty trained since right before he turned 2. We taught him to sit on the toilet, because he was too short to effectively pee into it. For him […]
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